Plants and Tings

So as some people may know from following my Instagram, I'm really into plants right now, big time!! I'm reading a book about soil (I know I'm too cool), a book about planting food on my balcony and a book about foraging food in London! I've been to Kew Gardens and had a great time looking at all the plants and flowers. 

It's all been veeeeery inspiring so I'd like to share with you my new sketches and collages inspired by all my trips. I want to turn these into prints that will be used on clothing and stationary that I will be getting together and releasing soon! This is just the early stages of development and would love to hear your ideas about which ones you like.

I know what you're thinking... where are the animals!??! Don't worry... I am adding some animals in there soon, and they will be humorous, don't you worry about that! It wouldn't be Pingui Designs if it wasn't a bit silly!



And there you have it folks! 

Laters potatas!!!