Pantone Fun!

So I have recently acquired a Pantone 100 postcard set and it's amaaaazing!!! I wanted to share with you all the fun places that I have been Pantoneing because it would be great for you to do it too. Take it with you on walks, on the bus, on trips with the kids, in the toilet.... 
But what I'm trying to say is, it's real good fun! And makes you realise all the different colours out there and actually how hard it is to match exactly the right shades. You think, oh yeaaahh this is definitely purple. It is not. It's a mix between green and red. 
I got mine on ebay for £13.99 which is a bargain considering you get 100 postcards and a liiiiifetime of happiness!
So enough chatting, more snapping!
Here are some of my faves!

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