Happy New Year and now it's SALE time!!

Happy New Year to all!

I hope you had a wonderful time and stuffed your faces over Christmas (I know I did... damn you turkey!!) and hoping this New Year wasn't too messy... I spent the night singing "Get the cheese out for the lads" with my family and friends... think opera mixed with football chanting hahahaha!

So this year is an eventful one, got a trip to Australia booked in Feb for 5 weeks so I'm shutting up shop for little while so that I can galavant around in the sun. I know, it's a terrible life I lead! 

Videos are coming up online and on instagram soon so that you can see the process of painting the sweatshirts for yourselves, which should be exciting once I work how to film it... also doing some tutorials on how you can customise your clothing and jazz up some of your boring wardrobe bits. 

This year should be a good'n and I would like to say thanks to all my family, friends and new customers for supporting me through my first year of business! You've all been great.

There is now a SAAAALE tooo so get some bits while there's time. Stock is limited and I'm making way for a new collection, so when they're gone, they're gone.

And lastly I would like to leave you with some highlights of my year so far!


Pingui xxxxx